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Update: I've been tagged again so I'm going to keep updating this journal and add new characters at the top ^^

I've not done one of these before but I was tagged and it looked like fun, so!


1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their owners

Tagged by :iconfaerflax:, who asked for Laika!

1. In her original incarnation, Laika was a Joltik Pokemorph, hence why she's so short (4'9"). This also gave rise to her tendency to become 'overcharged' with static electricity if she doesn't discharge her powers for a while.
2. Laika is very headstrong and tends to 'act first, think later'. She also has a bit of a hero complex and thinks she can make her way out of any situation with enough gusto.
3. If in a setting with firearms, she excels with rapid-fire pistols and sniper rifles - the latter being a skill gained from Dracini's character, Helana.
4. Laika is also quite competitive and fairly athletic. She loves most sports with a preference for things like baseball and (English) football. In Pokémon settings, she was born and raised in Nimbasa City.
5. One of her nicknames is Sparkplug due to her tendency to fry electrical devices when overcharged.
6. Her hyperactive habits mean she churns through energy quickly. You can often find her swiping a quick powernap or wolfing down spicy street food.
7. She classes herself as an underdog and will thus side with any other underdog she meets. If you ever needed a motivator, Laika's your girl.
8. Laika uses female and neutral pronouns (she/they) and may be classed as a demigirl.

Tagged by the lovely :icondracini:, who chose Priscilla!

1. Priscilla is a sheep lady in a prominent family of witches, alongside her sister. (Wow guys, you know how to pick my magical ones!)
2. She's assertive, plucky and takes little stick from anyone. Sass oozes from this lady and she won't hesitate to demonstrate.
3. Although her personality is quite different to Minerva's, she tries to support her sister and encourage her to be a little braver in life.
4. She lives and breathes the pastel goth aesthetic.
5. Her favourite drinks are iced coffees, particularly mochas.
6. Despite her aesthetic, she'd much rather spend a day lounging outside (under a parasol) than be cooped up indoors.
7. She actually quite likes handheld gaming, particularly RPGs. Let the girl chill at a park and slay monsters.
8. She's gay and definitely not quiet about it.

Tagged again by :iconkrovtymah:, who picked Sang!

1. Sang is a manticore. He can shift into a lion-like beast form, complete with overly fluffy mane, and has wings and a tail in both. He's also pink. Very pink. 
2. Sang practices a magical craft known as sanguimancy (blood magic). Yes, he's well aware of the irony.
3. Against his mentor's better judgement, he frequently uses his craft to travel through time. He follows ancestral bloodlines through different eras - i.e. he takes a person from the present day and traces their bloodline back to a point in the past, which he can then travel to. This means he can only travel between eras which are earlier than his present day. He gets lost often.
4. He has a fondness for daiquiris, both strawberry and banana flavoured. In fact, he probably likes most fruity-flavoured spirits. Addiah's hound does not share his enthusiasm, however.
5. He's an excellent dancer. Whilst he can cope well in a ballroom, he truly shines in the faster-paced disciplines, like the jive.
6. He's bisexual as all get-out and likes to think a smart suit and a dashing smile can charm just about anyone. Sometimes he's right, other times... not so much.
7. He has an extensive wardrobe but don't you dare tell anyone about that argyle sweater vest or his reading glasses.
8. He has kind of adopted the rest of his mentor's 'goth-kid' (as he jibes) followers as his misfit siblings. There aren't many of them but he looks out for them all the same.

I was tagged by :iconrosexknight:
She picked Shariah~ He's one of my favourite characters!

1. Whilst he looks like a child, Shariah is actually decades old in real time (still very young in relative terms!).
2. His physical age fluctuates with his attitude and mood (i.e. how mature he's acting). He can influence his appearance himself but he naturally flits anywhere between eight and twelve.
3. He's a craftsman and loves textile arts - fabrics, clay, chalk, dough, you name it!
4. He has bouts of intense focus and no focus at all. Projects are usually completed within a ridiculously short timeframe, like an hour, or never finished.
5. His father taught him how to teleport so he could always escape from danger, but he now uses it to just hop all over the world at a moment's notice. Vitali ends up chasing him everywhere.
6. Shariah just freezes up when he panics.
7. He seems to take a weird pride in befriending people who are otherwise cold or distant and has broken down more than a few emotional barriers in others.
8. He has, more than once, accidentally opened a portal to another world. Nobody knows how he does this, not even Shariah himself. Honestly, it seems to happen at random - something which stresses Vitali out greatly.

I could probably write another eight of these for Shariah lmao he has so much behind him <3
Please feel to to tag me again! I have some more characters up on my toyhouse if you want to pick, and I don't mind doubles ^^


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